Our company is located in Luxembourg.

From this location we can rapidly access a large number of strategic sites in Europe. The Grand Duchy’s central position in the European Union makes it easy to reach the major cities of Europe by air, rail or road.

From this choice location we would like to offer you an array of competence and expertise accumulated through very powerful operational experience.

These skills include :


Sales and marketing :

  • Advanced knowledge of German-speaking markets and countries in the East, such as Russia and Azerbaijan
  • Knowledge of international standards governing trade acquired through management of an export sales company,
  • We are accustomed to setting up major commercial agreements in the areas of retailing and services,
  • We understand and use six different languages.

Techniques :

  • Prestigious training course in the field of sommellerie,
  • Over twenty years experience in consulting with import-export professionals, domestic and international retailing, the agri-food industry and the hospitality trade (HORESCA),
  • Skills in economic and strategic consulting obtained in high level training programs and used in business,
  • Setting up and developing business projects, then implementing and monitoring them.

Human skills :

  • Assimilation and understanding of issues facing operators and/or entrepreneurs,
  • Developing solutions by analyzing customer requirements and potential partnerships,
  • Highlighting respect for ethics and commitments.

We open the gateways to new markets for you

You can count on our knowledge of the following languages in supporting your development of the new markets you are targeting :
– French,
– German,
– English,
– Azerbaijani,
– Russian,
– Turkish.

Our multi-cultural approach is key to properly interpreting and assimilating the various retailing methods in foreign markets and we use it in offering you this undeniable benefit.

Our strength :

guaranteeing you that we will find you suitable partners for developing your plans.

Our proposition :

to build a stable and profitable partnership with you.

Our purpose :

to support you in achieving success together.

Partners listed under our “Grand Terroir Collection” label :