What you désire :

  • Expand your exporting business
  • Prepare a new business plan, concept and draft budget for export markets
  • Find outlets to new markets for your goods

Our commitments :

  • Provide you with professional expertise
  • Share our wide experience in this type of undertaking with you
  • Provide you with personalized follow-up
  • Offer a multicultural approach

Our offer :

  • Prepare with you a precise description of the assignment that you confer to us
  • Carry out an analysis with you of the data concerning your target market(s)
  • Identify suitable partners
  • Set up a balanced and lasting cooperation agreement
  • Help you to ensure that your products comply with the requirements of target markets
  • Together with you, we select the tools that give the best chance of success in your endeavor
  • Provide support in monitoring trade and logistics processes
  • Relay relevant information to you for properly adapting products to target markets
  • You can count on our knowledge of the following languages in supporting your development of these new markets :
  • French, German, English, Azerbaijani, Russian, Turkish

Our strength :

guaranteeing you that we will find you suitable partners for developing your plans.

Our proposition :

to build a stable and profitable partnership with you..

Our purpose :

to support you in achieving success together.